Proposal Review

Your proposal is ready to submit. Is it just good enough or is it the best it can be? Oddly, most of the effort that goes into preparing a client proposal is spent on activities that are internal to the IT service provider. Building pursuit teams, developing technical solutions, interlocking cost and developing pricing seems to take countless hours. Once that work is completed, the same core group of people is often tasked with writing the client proposal. With the finish line near and the clock ticking, they cut and paste from prior proposals and try to convince THIS client that they are unique. The output from this process, at best, makes them look like everyone else.

The Logan Advisory Group provides proposal reviews to help IT service providers differentiate themselves from their competitors. We can help you prepare your final response and also help you prepare for your client presentation.

Our advisors have experience across all facets of Information Technology and all phases of sales pursuit. Regardless of the size of your company or the size of the deal, you can give yourself an advantage by letting us help you win.

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